Occupational Health -Specialty Nurse Practitioner PRN

Fairfax, Virginia
Apr 11, 2023
Jun 10, 2023
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Job Description

Provides safe therapeutic care in holistic and systemic way to include the assessment and overall management of care for a specified patient population under the supervision of an MD. Excercises independent judgement in the assessment, diagnosis and initiation of medical processes and procedures in accordance with the nurse practitioner licensure regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and as deliniated in the written Scope of Practice/Protocol for Nurse Practitioner.

Job Responsibilities

  • Clinical Practice & Management of Care:
    • Performs and documents comprehensive physical and psychological exam of patients to identify priority care needs.
    • Obtains and documents a detailed history, identifies patients at physiologic and or psychological risk, and prioritizes data based on immediate condition and needs.
    • Practices in accordance with safe and effective standards of care, and ensures compliance with professional and ehtical standards of practice.
    • Performs procedures as deliniated in Scope of Practice/Protocol and as necessary to implement plan of care based on care standards and/or protocols.
    • Develops differential diagnosis and plan of care based on data collection and revises based on physiologic and psychosocial findings.
    • Orders appropriate tests, treatments, medications (if appropriate), and consults. Interprets and synthesizes laborator, imaging and other pertinent data.
    • Reviews patient plan of care with interdisciplinary team and with the patient and family.
    • Provides patient and family education.
    • Evaluates and documents patient's response to care, and evaluates impact of illness on individual's health status, functional status, nutritional status, sleep and rest patterns, family and social relationships, and establishes a health promotion strategy.
    • Assumes clinical management for specific patient population in collaboration with physicians in practice.
    • Documents in the medical record per standards.
    • Reviews medical record documentation with physician supervisor.

  • Evidence-based/Best Practice:
    • Utilizes evidenced-based standards, guidelines, and protocols for care delivery.
    • Incorporates data and information to continuously improve care and practice.
    • Assists in the development and revision of standards for patient populations, and integrates evidence-based research findings into clinical practice.
    • Particpates in professional organization(s).
    • Particpates in quality improvment initiatives, and assists with process and protocol development and revision based on research and evidence of effectivenes. Participates in clinical research and data collection, and assists in projects and planning for continual development of respective specialty.

  • Professional Development:
    • Ensures improvements in practice settings by assuming responsibility for self-development in life-long learning.
    • Provides direction and guidance to others regarding practice, serves as a resource, and mentor.
    • Leadership skills demonstrated in decision making and problem solving.
    • Recognizes behaviors that impact the team function and implements strategies to optimize teamwork; serves as a mentor for team members, and facilitates the understanding of the role of the Nurse Practitioner for other health care providers.
    • Seeks leadership opportunities and facilitates leadership development among colleagues.
    • Identifies ongoing educational needs and actively participates in educational programs to enhance knowledge and skill base.
    • Provides formal and informal educational programs to improve staff clinical and professional knowledge.
    • Maintains certification(s) and licensure(s), including DEA license (if applicable).
    • Maintains current knowledge of, and adherence to, state and federal regulations governing the practice of nurse practitioners.

  • Teamwork:
    • Communicates effectively and works collaborately with others.
    • Demonstrates respect for and understanding of other clinical disciplines, and uses an integrated approach to achieve desired patient outcomes.
    • Demonstrates effective communication skills and assists in the resolution of conflict among health care team members, patients and families.
    • Collaborates with the interdisciplinary team and incoporates the expertise of the interdsiciplinary team to achieve patient outcomes.
    • Facilitates the assessment of patients learning needs and the achievement of outcomes related to patient education.
    • Accesses and uses resources from all disciplines to achieve patient outcomes.
    • Facilitates communication among departments to ensure continuity of care, and establishes collegial relationships with physicians and other health care providers.

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